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acard 865 corruption issues

Hi Andre, ext3 folk,

It would be really great if you could help me out here, I'm not sure if
this is a hardware issue, a driver issue, an ext3 issue or some
combination of them...

I have a KT133A motherboard with an on-board promise controller, and an
ACARD ATP865 in a PCI slot. I'm running 2.4.19-ac4 with the lvm 1.0.5

The acard has two drives, hde and hdg attached to it, both ibm120GXPs,
both primary, badblocks shows them as good, smartctl shows them as good.
If, say I create a single partition on /dev/hde1 type linux and format
it ext3, mount it, copy a file into it, unmount it, mount it again and
read the file, it's corrupted. (I tested this by using RAR's CRC test)
If I do a sync or two before unmounting, and then mount it and test it,
it usually has less or no errors.fsck -fvv between mounts shows
everything as perfect.

I'm using e2fsprogs 1.27. I'm completely stumped as to why this is
happening, but I'd like to help debug if necessary. I just put in a
spare CMD680A card, and setup the drives in the same way and the
problem hasn't manifested.

As a little side note, I noticed that when I ran xine on a terminal and
played an mpeg that got corrupted after having being copied to one of
the drives on the ACARD, the diagnostics state that the file is
corrupted every 10-11~ MB. Some sort of pattern maybe?


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