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Re: Patches since 2.4.19

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 11:39:01AM +0000, JP Howard wrote:

> Interesting. The AC tree tends to be a bit more bleeding edge--are you
> comfortable using it on production mail servers? Well, I guess you must
> be, given that's what you're doing!

It "seems to work". So that's OK.

> Any ideas if it's one of more of the AC patches, or something else in the
> .20 patches, that's the source of your success? 

It's hard to tell. We're using Courier IMAP and Postfix. Large amounts
of the load were coming from the disk I/O, since the box is idle cpu

> We've installed the
> 'all-in-one' patch to bring Ext3 up to that in .20, but haven't seen much
> performance impact compared to .19.
> We're also testing ResiserFS (with Chris Mason's data logging patches) on
> one of our servers. Our stress testing suggests that it performs well,
> but we'll have to see how it performs in a real world situation...

My experiences with ReiserFS are: If you're willing to tolerate total
data loss, it's ok.

Also, ReiserFS uses "data=writeback" (in ext3-speak), so it's faster
than "data=ordered".

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