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Re: All data gone AWOL


On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 04:59:57PM +0100, Ian Leonard wrote:
> We have been using ext3 with numerous machines and they
> take quite a bit of abuse without incident. This morning I
> got a call to say that a power cut had rendered one box unbootable.
> Investigations revealed that the /boot partition was in good order.
> An fsck of / also showed things to be well - except that the partition
> was completely empty - except for /lost+found.
> It might appear that some one had created a new filesystem on it.
> However no one at that office would know how. Someone commented
> that this had happened before but not reported.

Sounds like it was done deliberately.  Is the box on the net?  Could
an intruder have done this to cover their tracks, for example?

The other thing to check is to see if there is more than one partition
on the box which has been given the "/" label.


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