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Re: How come fsck still kicks in and reports major errors with Ext3?

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

Hans Deragon (imap) wrote:

/dev/hdd1 /mnt/genericdata1 ext2 rw 0 0

It seems that you weren't actually waiting for your root filesystem to fsck, but rather this one. If partitions were mounted when power was lost, then all of them get checked out, not just the root -- and fsck'ed if they need it. Since this partition was mounted (and formatted) ext2, it needed it.

At least, that seems a likely (to me) cause of this.


Nope. Actually you are bringing another point. That device seams to never being checked. I was discovered it was corrupted, but never during the initialization process did fsck kicked in for this drive.

But I assure you that fsck kicked in for / which is configured ext3 as far as I know. I had to fix it manually and I specifically had to do "fsck -y /dev/hda1", hda1 being the partition where / is found.

Hans Deragon

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