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Re: How come fsck still kicks in and reports major errors with Ext3?


On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 07:14:21AM -0500, Hans Deragon
<hans deragon biz> wrote:

> But I assure you that fsck kicked in for / which is configured ext3 as 
> far as I know.

If it's ext3 in /proc/mounts, it is definitely being mounted as ext3,

The reason for the fsck could be a drive error, or the fs might have a
forced fsck interval set (see "man tune2fs" for info about setting a
fs up to fsck every N boots or N days, or how to disable that.)  The
fsck code will tell you why it is doing the fsck, and without that
info, there's little we can do to guess the reason any better than

The ext2/3 error handling code is such that if a filesystem finds
certain corruptions on disk, it will set a flag in the fs marking it
as needing a full fsck next reboot.  You'll get a "fsck forced due to
filesystem errors" message at fsck time if that kicks in.


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