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Re: How come fsck still kicks in and reports major errors with Ext3?


On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 11:06:49PM +0100, Juri Haberland
<juri koschikode com> wrote:

> > I really had to fix the partition manually.  I have not noticed any ext3 
> > related text on the screen when my kernel refused to continue the 
> > bootstrap because it was asking me to manually fix the partition.  So my 
> > guess is that journaling works 98% of the time, but once in a while 
> > after an uncontrolled shutdown, my filesystem goes seriously kaput 
> > anyway, right?
> I highly doubt that.

Yep.  By default, fsck on ext3 simply doesn't do anything except to
replay the journal.  Even if the shutdown did corrupt something at the
hardware level we'd not find it at fsck time because fsck just
wouldn't look for such a problem.

If you do get such a fsck with ext3, it will either be a result of an
error detected _before_ the previous power failure, or just expiration
of the filesystem's per-mount or elapsed time fsck limits.


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