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Re: data=writeback option on root partition - RH 8.0

My first guess would be that you have data=writeback in your /etc/fstab,
for root, but don't have rootflags=data=writeback on your kernel command
line.  eg: (from grub):

kernel /boot/bzImage root=/dev/sda2 ro rootflags=data=writeback

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 16:26, Bruce S. Garlock wrote:
> Well, I had the first use of the recovery mode on the RH 8.0 install CD 
> today on a dev system.  I changed the mount option for the root 
> partition to data=writeback to see what all the claimed speed increases 
> are about, and the system failed to mount the partition r/w, so the 
> resulting boot failed.
> After search usenet, it seems other RH folks have had this problem, 
> possibly because it is built as a module, and not into the kernel.  Do I 
> have to recompile the kernel to get the root partition to mount in 
> writeback journal mode, or is there a way to keep ext3 as a module, and 
> enable writeback mode?  Other partitions mount fine in writeback mode on 
> this machine.
> TIA-
> Bruce
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