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Re: 'df' command says partition is full, when it isn't (can't create files, etc)

On Friday, April 04, 2003 12:01 AM [GMT+0800=SGT],
Sewell, Cassandra D (Cassandra) <csewell avaya com> wrote:

> I am working with ext3 w/ the 2.4.20 kernel.  I recently had a
> case where my root partition indicated that is was 100% full.
> I was unable to create new files, etc on the system.  However,
> when I issued the 'du' command, the system indicated that only
> 2G of the 5G drive was in usage.
> I did a dump of the FS and I see were there is an indication of
> no free blocks.  I decided to reboot the system, and the root
> partition is now indicating only 43% full, as expected.

This used to ve standard Unix behaviour, I am not aware if ext2/3 have
modified this.  Files are deleted when both the link count and use
count are zero.  If you create a 100MB file, then open and hold it
open in a C program, while deleteing it from the shell in another
program, the file dis-appears from the directory, but space is not
freed, and the C program can go on reading it.

Terminating the C program will reduce use count to zero, and disk
space is reclaimed.

Sanjeev Gupta

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