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Re: 'df' command says partition is full, when it isn't (can't createfiles, etc)

Sewell, Cassandra D (Cassandra) wrote:
> Then are we saying this is possibly a problem in Linux in general,
> and has never been fixed.

Nope. It's not a general Linux problem, it's a standard UNIX behaviour.

> The strange thing about it is that we had no applications running,
> and the space was not freed-up/reclaimed until a system reboot was
> done (re-reading of the info from the drive).

You just didn't look hard enough. lsof is your friend.

> We have used other journaled fs's and not seen this problem.  We are
> currently considering going to EXT3 for production level machines,
> and this is considered a critical problem because it incorrectly
> blocks us from new file creation.

You will see this "problem" also with other file systems, not only
journaled ones. I've seen this also on Solaris with UFS.

> My assumption right now is that the local copy of the disk
> information somehow was corrupted, and the info on drive was fine.

Nope, see above.

> Evidently the df command uses the local copy and the du gets the info
>  directly off disk.  Is that a correct assumption?

I'm not quite sure where du and df get their infos from, but they can
report different usage.

> I'm trying to get a handle on what the problem may be, so that I can
> resolve it.  So any help that you or others can offer in helping me
> to resolve would be a big plus.

The problem is some application on your box.


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