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RE: 'df' command says partition is full, when it isn't (can'tcreate files, etc)

On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 15:58, Sewell, Cassandra D (Cassandra) wrote:
> Then are we saying this is possibly a problem in Linux in general, and has never been fixed.

Its not a problem.  Its a feature of Unix (not just Linux) filesystem

> The strange thing about it is that we had no applications running, and the space was 
> not freed-up/reclaimed until a system reboot was done (re-reading of the info from the drive). 

This sounds unlikely - if that is actually the case you have a different

If you can reproduce this use lsof (or fuser) and find if any processes
have large open files on the filesystem.

> Evidently the df command uses the local copy and the du gets the info 
> directly off disk.  Is that a correct assumption?

No - df tells you about filesystems.  du tells you about directory
trees.  Deleted files do not appear in directory trees but are still
part of the filesystem.

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