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2.4.20 & htree

Apologies for the newbie question:

I have a (stock) 2.4.20 build (*not* -ac), and I'm trying to work with
large ext3 directories. By large, I mean 160,000 files per directory.
(Yes, I know it would be better in nested directories but such is

I feel htree would benefit me. Having upgraded from an earlier version
of 2.4, I don't see any change, and close reading of the 2.4 changelog
suggests that htree isn't in there - only a patch to prevent non-htree
builds reporting corruption after being written to by an htree build.
Did I read this right?

If I am right, where is the best place to get a consolidated ext3
patch which is suitable for a production environment?

And once I have htree in the kernel, does it 'automatically' produce
the benefits on existing directories, or do I need to go through
some on-disk process to get the directory held 'in htree form'?

Alex Bligh

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