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Re: 'df' command says partition is full, when it isn't (can'tcreate files, etc)


On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 16:27, Juri Haberland wrote:

> > Evidently the df command uses the local copy and the du gets the info
> >  directly off disk.  Is that a correct assumption?
> I'm not quite sure where du and df get their infos from, but they can
> report different usage.

"du" walks the filesystem tree by manually walking the directory
structure.  It counts all of the dynamically-allocated blocks associated
with the files it finds, but it does not ever find files which are open
but deleted, nor does it find filesystem tables such as the inode table
--- in both of those cases, the data is simply not in the directory

You also need to be careful to use "du -x" to measure filesystem
occupancy, as otherwise du will quite happily recurse from one
filesystem into another.

"df" simply returns the filesystem's internal free space counts, which
include absolutely everything that has been dynamically allocated.


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