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Re: 2.4.20 & htree


--On 07 April 2003 10:09 -0600 Andreas Dilger <adilger clusterfs com> wrote:

I have a (stock) 2.4.20 build (*not* -ac), and I'm trying to work with
large ext3 directories. By large, I mean 160,000 files per directory.

Yes, htree will benefit you greatly. The system will be almost unusable without it.

It's coping surprisingly well at the moment as the amount of modification isn't huge. However, doing an rsync of the old disk to the new disk took over 24 hours. My real worry is that if I ever have to go through an attempted backup/restore again, with more files, the time might increase to over a year!

If I am right, where is the best place to get a consolidated ext3
patch which is suitable for a production environment?

I believe Ted has up-to-date patches for htree:


Are these production ready? (i.e. not "development only this may well kill your file-system"). I'm happy to run code people on this box people think works fine, and report back bugs if it doesn't (that's life), but it isn't the right place for testing code of unknown reliability.

Also, should one only apply the htree stuff, or the whole lot?


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