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Re: Identify file(s) on specific disk sector


On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 14:37, Paul Raines wrote:
> When tar'ing up an ext3 filesystem on a 3ware RAID I have, I got
> the following errors in my system log:
> Apr  7 21:27:46 allo 3w-xxxx[957]: Drive error encountered on port 3 on controller ID:0. Check cables and drives for media errors. (0xa)
> Apr  7 21:27:46 allo kernel: 3w-xxxx: scsi0: Command failed: status = 0xc7, flags = 0x51, unit #0.
> Apr  7 21:27:58 allo last message repeated 3 times

> The tar command itself reported no errors.  Neither are there are ext3 fs
> errors in the log.  But the disk errors seem to imply to me that there is
> possible file corruption.  

Yep --- you are getting low-level SCSI driver errors, so chances are
that some of the writes are not completing correctly.

> Is there anyway to identify which files are
> sitting on the above sectors of the disk?

See the "icheck" and "ncheck" commands in debugfs.


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