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ext3 faq [was: nasty ext3 problem]

Theodore Ts'o wrote:

> Couple of suggestions.  If you could add a <A NAME="du-df"> to the
> question, that would be great, since I anticipate needing to point
> people to it a lot, that would be great.

I'll do so.

> Also, the questions and answers about converting between version 1 and
> version 2 of the journal will probably not be needed by the vast
> majority of the users these days.  (It only really applies to people
> who started using journalling with the early ext3 code and the 2.2
> kernel.)  So it might be a good idea put them in a historical section,
> with an explanation that most users won't need to worry about this.
> Otherwise, it might confuse newbies that are just starting to play
> with ext3 today.

Yes, this is legacy stuff from the beginning. I started the FAQ when
everybody asked "When will there be ext3 for kernel 2.4?". That was in
the days of ext3 version 0.0.5 or so ;)
I'll rearrange it.

> In the question "I compiled ext3 as a module and my / partition gets
> mounted as ext2", I would suggest replacing the answer with the
> following:


Yes, this one was bogus from the beginning. Thanks for your new answer!

> Other than that these minor changes, the FAQ looks pretty good!
> Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Well, as I'm no coder I could only contribute this way (besides reporting


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