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RE: Input/output error


>About once a week, I get a this strange error on bash command line.
>Running any command on the command line results in " Input/output
>error". Only way to get back to normal operation is to hard reboot the
>machine. I suspect this is something to do with my file system. I am
>using RH7.3 with ext3 file system on IBM Travelstar drives. 

	Sounds like a hardware issue. Like the Travelstar drives are
failing or something more insidious (hardware-wise) is happening. I had
a similar issue and it turned out that the Processor was giving up the
ghost. (Later, I found out that the *CENSORED* that had built the server
had Overclocked the CPU "for kicks".) 

>I use dd to duplicate the drives. The source and the target drives are
>identical (same make, model) .I am not sure, but I suspect this error
>message comes up only on the duplicated drives. (I have never seen this
>message on my desktop which has a different drive). 

	If it only happens to one of the drives, it is also possible
that the one drive is failing. I am far from an expert on 'dd'. However,
I can say that I have never come across a hard drive kicking out an
error only due to being a duplicate of another drive.

	If you want to confirm that, wipe the suspect drive, rebuild the
file system and then copy everything with a more mundane 'cp' command.
If the drive is bad, it will likely fail when you are wiping it. It is
also possible that you have an IDE channel issue. So, it would be best
to further test the 'bad' drive in another PC for final confirmation.

>Any pointers on what is causing this problem would be great

	I can only point at hardware problems with the information you
have provided.

Robert Adkins
IT Manager/Buyer
Impel Industries, Inc.

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