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Duplicating Hard Drive Problem

Hello All:

My research group recently invested in a 17 node Linux rackmounted
cluster.  It was delivered recently and, being the lowly graduate student
that I am, I was told to 'make sure that it works.'

After investigating it, I noticed a problem with two of the hard drives 
one nodes 14 and 16.

On most of the nodes, a 'df -hT' will give you the following:

Filesystem	Type	Size	Used	Avail	Use%	Mounted On
/dev/hda3	ext3	35G	1.7G	31G	6%	/
/dev/hda1	ext3	99M	14M	79M	15%	/boot
none		tmpfs	250M	0	250M	0%	/dev/shm
master:/home	nfs	660GB	33M	626G	1%	/home

which is as it should be.  Note that the /home directory on all 
the nodes is nfs'ed over to our RAID array.  

However, on the faulty nodes, the first line of 'df -hT' is instead:

/dev/hda3	ext3	3.6G	1.9G	1.6G	53%	/

It's pretty clear that a typo was made when these two drives were 
partitioned, leaving about 80% of the hard drive unallocated, and the / 
partition a tenth of the size it should be.  The company that sold us the 
cluster has be less supportive than I would have liked.

My question, then, is:  What is the simplest way to go about getting the
partition up to it's correct size?  It seems that I have three possible
solutions:  1) expand the partition, 2) copy over the faulty drive with
one of the correct node HDs, or 3) reinstall the OS on those drives.  I
would really like to avoid reinstalling the OS, since that would mean a
lot of extra work in order to get the node reconfigured to operate in the
cluster again (I think).  I also considered just allocating the extra
space as a new partition (perhaps mounted on /usr, since space on /home is
not an issue), unique to those two nodes, but I am concerned that a 3.6 GB
/ partition may not be sufficient.  But perhaps this isn't such a cause 
for concern.

My understanding of programs like 'parted' is that they probably won't be
able to help with expanding the / partition, either because it is the /
partition in question or because its a ext3 partition (is this correct?).  
So I was looking for ways to copy one hard drive to another easily -- and
the changes I will have to make manually so that the drive realizes it is
node14 and not a second node1.

So, does anyone have a supremely elegant solution for this problem?  Or 
maybe a just a solution?


Ryan Roth
Osgood Group / ISE
Columbia University
rothr cumsl msl columbia edu

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