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Re: Duplicating Hard Drive Problem

On Sat, Apr 26, 2003 at 05:15:08PM -0400, rothr cumsl msl columbia edu wrote:
> However, on the faulty nodes, the first line of 'df -hT' is instead:
> /dev/hda3	ext3	3.6G	1.9G	1.6G	53%	/
> It's pretty clear that a typo was made when these two drives were 
> partitioned, leaving about 80% of the hard drive unallocated, and the / 
> partition a tenth of the size it should be.  The company that sold us the 
> cluster has be less supportive than I would have liked.
> My question, then, is:  What is the simplest way to go about getting the
> partition up to it's correct size?  

1)  Boot from a rescue CD-ROM that has fdisk and the resize2fs program on it.

2) Use "fdisk /dev/hda" and make sure the hda3 partition is correctly
sized.  Make sure nothing else from /dev/hda is mounted when you run
fdisk, so that the kernel will re-read the partition table.
Otherwise, you may need to reboot the system after you run fdisk.

3) Use the command "resize2fs /dev/hda3" to expand the filesystem on
/dev/hda3 to the full size of the hda3 partition.

						- Ted

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