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OT: Avoiding harddisk failure due to mobility

Hi All,

I need some advice on finding a solution to this problem . I have a hard
disk mounted on a mobile robot. I am using ext3 fs. The hard disk is
subjected to several bumps as the robot travels. I am experiencing
frequent hard disk failure ( about once a month). I have thought about 
2 different solutions to this problem. I would appreciate any tips on
evaluating them

1) Use Compact Flash cards: This is a an easy solution. However, I need
about 1GB of space. 1GB CF cards cost about $300. There is the issue of
CF wear. The cost is the major con of this approach.

2) Using Ram disk. 

* Create 1 or 2 ram disks on boot.
* Mount the stuff that gets written ( /var/log, /tmp, some /etc related
to ssh) on the ram disk. )
* Put the hard drive to sleep, while the robot is in motion.
* Sync the logs from the ram disk to the hard drive, when the robot is

Approach 2 assumes that, if the hard drive is sleeping while in motion,
it will not be damaged. Is this true ??

Does approach 2 sound reasonable? Any other tips/suggestions/criticism  


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