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Re: Directory size expansion and contraction in ext3

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 05:05:30PM +0800, Romit wrote:
> Hello all,
>              I was running the following script in the directory 
>              $(HOME)/temp
> while true
> do
>      touch $((i = i + 1))
> done
> I found at the end when the inode limit was reached, the size of the temp 
> directory had increased from 4096 to 2162688.
> Once i removed all the files in directory temp. I expected the directory 
> size to go back to 4096. But its still staying at 2162688. Is this a 
> feature or a bug?

Neither, it's just the way things are.  In practice this sort of thing
isn't a real problem for most systems, and fixing it can be a real
pain to get right, so historically most Unix filesystems have not
bothered to try to compact/compress directories.  ext2/3 is no

One could easily argue that this would be a nice feature to add, and
perhaps some day we might add it.  But it's pretty low on the priority

					- Ted

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