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Priority list [was Re: Directory size expansion and contraction in ext3]

> One could easily argue that this would be a nice feature to add, and
> perhaps some day we might add it.  But it's pretty low on the priority
> list.
> 					- Ted


Would it be possible for you to elaborate what is currently on the 
priority list for ext3. 

I've seen posts from Alex,Andrew which mention some scaling/lock removal
work being done for ext2/ext3.  My understanding is that as of 2.5.68
(htree) should be pretty robust not sure if the nfs patch is included in
Linus's kernel, there was also an htree memory leak issue which seem to
have a patch (not sure if it got merged with Linus's tree)

Maybe Stephen's got some other performance/feature work lined up. Maybe
now that Al's come back with a vengeance, there may be some VFS tweaks
for ext3 also

A state of the ext3 union post from you/sct would be greatly appreciated

Regards, Yusuf

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