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[2.6] Perl weirdness with ext3 and HTREE


I have mailed about this previously, but back then it was not
really confirmed, so I have let it be at that.

Anyhow, problem is that for some reason 2.5/2.6 ext3 with HTREE
support do not like what perl-5.8.0 does during installation.
It *seems* like one of the temporary files created during manpage
installation do not get unlinked properly, or gets into the
hash (this possible?) and cause issues.

It seems to work flawless on 2.4 still.

Also, to be honest, I do not have that much free time these days,
so if an interest in helping me/us debug this, it will be appreciated
if some direction in what is needed/suggestions can be given as to what
is required.  There are a few users that experience this issue, and
I am sure that we can get whatever info needed.

A bug on our tracker is here with more (hopefully) complete info:




Martin Schlemmer

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