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Recover data from ext3 filesystem

Hello everyone,

I came back from a long vacation the other day to a RH 7.3 system that
would not boot.  My situation is similar to Eddy's post "Seriously
corrupt ext3 root filesystem - help?" from a couple of days ago.

I can mount the drive in read-write and read-only modes.  I can get into
some of the directories and get certain files off of the disk.  But, if
I try to access a directory I need under the /home directory (yes it is
on the same partition) I get the following:

[root kold home]# ls
adh/  alonzo/  giw/  graphics/  ic/  install/  interch/  kdo/  nagios/
[root kold home]# cd kdo
-bash: cd: kdo: Input/output error

>From what I've read I should be able to get to the inodes under this
directory and they will hold my data.  Can someone provide syntax on how
I can do this?

FYI, I've tried the following utilities:
- e2fsck (with every flag combination imaginable)
- e2salvage
- Tried to copy the partition to another via dd if=/dev/hdb2
of=/dev/hda2 bs=512 conv=noerror,sync,notrunc
- Tried to copy partition with dd_rescue, and the verbose output shows
that when it reaches certain positions it gets an "Input/output error"
I ran dd_rescue -rfv /dev/hdb2 out
then it stopped at position 37879900 so I "continued" from the next
partition dd_rescue -rfv -s 37879899 /dev/hdb2 out2
- sleuthkit - I was able to see some of my lost data with the dls
command....I just don't know how to get to it
- recover - doesn't find anything cause the data isn't deleted.

Also, is there something I'm doing wrong with the dd or dd_rescue to
copy the partition somewhere else?  I've read that if I get the
partition to another device the inodes don't affect it and I should be
able to access my data - correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!  I'm willing to offer $25 to anyone
with solutions!

K Old <kold kold homelinux com>

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