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Re: Filesystem quotas and high load

Eric Einhorn wrote:

I've been watching the list for a few weeks and I've seen some users mention
problems using quotas on EXT3 under high loads (or high io).

I'm working on a new production server which will see some high io and
I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences using quotas.

Specifically, I'm looking for answers to:

* Is the problem only with new (or old) style quotas

Both. Though problems occurred less with new style.

* What were your system specs (smp/uni, ide/scsi, etc..)

SMP machines. Hardware doesn't matter. A variety of ide/scsi.

 * What type of load was the box was under (was it only hammering the
     cpu, or was there heavy disk io)

Nothing particularly heavy. 1000 blocks/sec I/O. CPU load made no difference.

 * Kind of problem experienced (crash, panic, fs corruption, journal
     corruption, inodes burst into flames)

Processes stuck in disk wait state.

Problem occurred every three-six hours on some servers. We switched the whole lot to reiserfs and the problem was solved.

Nick Burrett
Network Engineer, Designer Servers Ltd.   http://www.dsvr.co.uk

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