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Re: another seriously corrupt ext3 -- pesky journal

In message <m38ypqzro4 fsf merlin emma line org>, Matthias Andree writes:
> Erez Zadok <ezk fsl cs sunysb edu> writes:
> > No kidding.  I have raid5, plus a spare, plus a UPS, and I still got hit.
> > People in the area said that there were such terrible power spikes that even
> > an average UPS might not have been able to totally filter those out.
> There are several UPS types available, off-line (switch to battery when
> the power goes down, but bypass as power is there), off-line with
> monitoring for irregularities, and on-line. El-cheapo off-line aren't
> supposed nor able to suppress spikes. Which one do you use?

I have the APC Back-UPS LS700-usb model.  I believe it's off-line, but it
should suppress spikes and clean out the power: that's one of the main
reasons people get UPSs (and in our area, small power fluctuations occur 1-2
times a week normally!)  Even APC's power strips are supposed to clean the
power a little.  I think in the case of last week's power failure, however,
my el-cheapo UPS couldn't handle that large of a spike.

I can't blame APC really --- this kind of drastic power failure is not
something one can plan for (it's like trying to design buildings that can
sustain a direct nuclear explosion :-)


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