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Re: sharing an ext3-partition with windows?

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 10:23:26AM +0200, Cecchi, Gianluca wrote:
> NOTE: it could be very tricky, but in the past I managed to have both Linux and windows able to boot on a native partition in vmware. And also you have to buy 2 licences for vmware...
> For windows you have to create hw profiles and disable startup of particular applications for your native devices (such as mouse, keyboard, video adapter settings tools, network card monitoring tools) and other things, and I don't know the kind of support from vmware for this.

If you have 900M disk space, you can create a windows guest OS in a virtual
disk to mount the native partition. In general, windows is very unhappy
if it find out the underlaying hardware has changed. It is window's problem.

> For Linux you have to manage your X configuration when in native mode and when inside vmware environment.

vmware-tools init script should take care of that.

I am sorry this is getting off topic.


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