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RE: ext3 from whithin W2K

You can try to search through the archives the thread 

sharing an ext3-partition with windows?

about mid august 2003



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Subject: ext3 from whithin W2K

hello everyone,
	in the past I used an utility to gain access to my ext3 filesystem from
whithin W2K, I recall that the access was very restricted in terms of modes.

	Now I'm looking for that tool (of which I cannot remember the name at all)
or, better, an unlimited one.

Does anyone help me in this seeking without finding? In particular, does
anyone know of a driver which present me the ext3 filesystem as a device?
(What nice tool it would be)

*g <jc nexusat it>

Giovanni Costagliola
    [IT Senior Consultant]

site :\ www.nexusat.it  Viale Vittorio Veneto, 24 - 20124 Milano
tel/fax:\ 02 454 770 02/03/04

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