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oh dear (Re: htree in 2.6.0-test11)

On Dec 8 Matt Bernstein wrote:

>At 12:32 -0000 Matt Bernstein wrote:
>>On Dec 3 Theodore Ts'o wrote:
>>>I don't know of any corruption cases at this point.  And there is a
>>>patch-set against 2.4 which I have been maintaining (and which I hope
>>>to get Marcelo to merge in 2.4.24) that also has been problem-free.
>>Is http://thunk.org/tytso/linux/ext3-dxdir/patch-ext3-dxdir-2.4.21rc5 the 
>>most recent one of these? I'll try applying that to 2.4.23 after lunch, 
>>and see how many grumbles it produces. (I don't have BK here atm.)
>Nice--no real grumbles, just two files with a couple of offsets offset :)

Not nice.

Put 2.4.23 + patch-ext3-dxdir-2.4.21rc5 on our student fileserver, and 
quotas (with the quota_v2 module and quota-3.09) seem to be royally 
shafted. I'm going to have to fall back to 2.4.22-ac4 which AFAICT has 
that nasty vulnerability but for which quotas seem to work at least..

The only thing which might be getting in the way is autofs (but it works 
fine on our staff fileserver).

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