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ext3-acl & coreutils


I've installed the acl - xatrrib patch from bestbits and it works nice on my RH9 system with Samba..

the only problem i encounter is that a file or directory losses it's extended atrributes when you copy it..
for example cp "--preserve=all /source /destination" preserves the normal acl af the linux system, but skips the acl/xattrib from bestbits.

i used the new coreutils-5.0.24 from the fedora project.. no good either still loses it...
after that, i downloaded the coreutils-5 patch from bestbits and applied it to the source of the utils...
the patch came back with a few minor errors in the "coreutils-5.0.dif & coreustils-test-patch"
but compiling it went great.. accept for the fact the the patch version still doesn't copy the extended atributes...

does annyone have some sugestions ?? or maybe a good compiled version of the coreutils with xattrib/acl patch ??

or is it just me, who's doing something wrong ??


Collen (MLHJ)

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