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htree stabilitity and performance issues


I have recently applied the latest 2.4 htree patch on a heavily loaded
nfs server.

The nfs server serves around four very busy clients that deliver email
in maildir format and pop3/imap clients.

Being maildir I presumed that the htree patch would improve performance
- but I was wrong.

Load on the server went up by around 25-40%. After 3-4 hours of heavy
use the clients load went up to around 180 and everything went downhill
from there.

After a reboot of the server filesystem corruption occured:

EXT3-fs error (device blah): ext3_readdir: directory #3375965 contains a
hole at offset 4294967295

Also weird errors on partitions _not_ htree enabled:
kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
kernel: 03:01: rw=0, want=1074108103, limit=489951

The above errors only occured on the htree enabled kernel. Switching
back to vanilla 2.4.23 resolved the issue (after an e2fsck which
reported no errors?) on the htree ext3 device.

Theodore, is the patch-ext3-dxdir-2.4.21rc5 the latest and greatest?

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