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Re: XFS vs. ext3

Andreas> John, you are coming into the discussion late, and most of
Andreas> these things have already been covered.  The application
Andreas> works fine when the Linux server is running XFS under Samba,
Andreas> and not when it's running ext3.  So clearly the error is on
Andreas> the Linux side somewhere.

I'm not really sure about this, and what I was trying to get across
that having a better grasp of all the details would be a big help.

Sure, it looks like it might be an ext3/samba interaction, or even
just a pure ext3 problem, but having a client write as many 45mb files
via samba shouldn't be a problem at all.  And I really wonder what
error(s) the application is glossing over, since I suspect that's not
helping the search for a solution.

That's why I suggested doing a test where Andrew tried using the
Windows NT explorer tools to copy a bunch of images from his Shake
servers to the Samba/ext3 server to see what happens.  If that works
just fine, then the problem just got murkier.


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