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Re: All data "gone," lost+found is left.

On Jan 19, 2003  04:08 -0800, Patrick Hendricks wrote:
> Here is what I did:  I have two linux boxes.  the first box had many 
> hardrives in it, but needed to be used in other ways.  So I took 4 
> harddrives out of it and placed it in the other Linux box.  I thought it 
> would be able to read these right away. (maybe this was my mistake?)  I 

You are correct - you should be able to mount them just fine in the
new system.

> could mount all of the drives in there.  three of my drives had all 
> their data remain intact, but the fourth one did not.  all that remained 
> on the 4th drive was the lost+found directory.
> I'm sure the data is still there, it's just eluding me.  sadly I don't 
> know how to find it.  Thought I found dump2fs which tells me that it 
> needs recovery.  don't know how much help this will give:

No, there is nothing on this drive - see "Inode count" and "Free Inodes",
which are only 11 apart - the number of reserved inodes.  See also the
"Filesystem created" date, only 8 days ago.  Is it possible you accidentally
reformatted your drive?

> Inode count:              3751936
> Block count:              7502347
> Reserved block count:     375117
> Free blocks:              7376401
> Free inodes:              3751925
> Filesystem created:       Sun Jan 12 20:33:30 2003
> Last mount time:          Sun Jan 19 17:16:18 2003
> Last write time:          Sun Jan 19 17:16:18 2003

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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