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Re: All data "gone," lost+found is left.

On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 04:08:57AM -0800, Patrick Hendricks wrote:
> So you know, I don't know too much about file systems.
> Here is what I did:  I have two linux boxes.  the first box had many 
> hardrives in it, but needed to be used in other ways.  So I took 4 
> harddrives out of it and placed it in the other Linux box.  I thought it 
> would be able to read these right away. (maybe this was my mistake?)  I 
> could mount all of the drives in there.  three of my drives had all 
> their data remain intact, but the fourth one did not.  all that remained 
> on the 4th drive was the lost+found directory.
> I'm sure the data is still there, it's just eluding me.  sadly I don't 
> know how to find it.  Thought I found dump2fs which tells me that it 
> needs recovery.  don't know how much help this will give:

"needs_recovery" means that the filesystem is either currently
mounted, or was mounted when the system crashed, and e2fsck hasn't
been run on the filesystem yet.  

I don't think this is the issue with the filesystme, however.  Given
the inodes and free inodes report:

> Inode count:              3751936
> Free inodes:              3751925

There are only 11 inodes in use, which is the way a filesystem would
look if it were completely empty (i.e., how it would be like if it
were freshly mke2fs'ed).

The filesystem creation time indicates that it had mke2fs run just
last week:

> Filesystem created:       Sun Jan 12 20:33:30 2003

When do think /dev/hdg1 was first used as a disk?  When did you move
your disks around?  Was it on the 12th?  If so, it looks like you ran
mke2fs by accident a week ago.

							- Ted

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