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Re: unable to read superblock ?

Donghui Wen wrote:
> Hi, I have a machine setup as software-raid + ext3 + redhat ,
> but this morning, it seems the file system crash. here is
> the booting message, anyone has any idea how to fix it.

> md: adding sda1
> md: created md2
> md: using <sdb1> <sda1>
> md: md2: raid array is not clean -- starting bacground reconstruction
> RAID level 1 does not need chunck size. Continuing anyway.
> md2: max total readahead window set to 124k
> raid1: device sdb1 operational as mirror1
> raid1: device sda1 operational as mirror 0
> raid1: raid set md2 mot clean, reconstructing mirror
> raid1: raid set md2 active with 2 out of 2 mirrors
> md: updating md2 RAID superblock device

Just two questions:
- What makes you believe that this is an ext3 problem?
- Where does the message you quoted in the subject appear?

You may be better off at the linux-raid mailing list...


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