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Regarding hashing, ext3, and kjournald

I've tried to find my answer to this question but I
have not (yet).  Any assistance or expert knowledge is
greatly appreciated!

PROBLEM: mounting an ext3 volume 'read only' results
in a different md5sum hash value for the volume than
when the same volume is *not* mounted

- when I hash unmounted /dev/hda5 using 'md5sum
/dev/hda5' I get value XXX.

- when I hash mounted /dev/hda5 using 'md5sum
/dev/hda5' I get value 'YYY'.

- no matter how I mount the volume read only I get the
same result - differing hash values!
<example1> mount /dev/hda5 -o ro /mnt/poop 
<example2> mount /dev/hda5 -o ro -t ext2 /mnt/poop

- From my testing I'm thinking 'kjournald' has
something to do with it?  

- I've used both live operating systems as well as
bootable CD distros, all with same result;
----- when the volume is *not* mounted I get one value
----- when the volume is mounted read only the value
is  *different*, no matter what options I pass to

- Upon reboot if I hash again the original value is
returned, I.E., I hash again using md5sum the
unmounted volume and it's equal to the previous
unmounted hash value.

Can someone enlighten me to *why* this is happening?

Is it because the journal is being read?  

Why the different value when mounted READ ONLY?

And then further, why the original nonmounted value
upon reboot?

(Using many test platforms, all x86, RHL 8, RHL 9,
Linux BBC 2.1, etc.)

Can I 'remove' kjournald from my test platform?  Will
this thoroughly screw me for viewing ext3 volumes
mounted read only?

Thank anyone and everyone for any hints, knowledge,
pointers they can share!


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