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Re: fsck fails (then succeeds)

On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 07:47:13AM +0100, Geoff wrote:
> Last night I had a system lock-up (graphics card issue I
> think), and had to hit the reset.  I noticed that on reboot
> (which was successful), I did not see the usual "errors were
> found and fixed ... " warning.  I thought I would do a fsck
> just to check that all was well.  I ran e2fsck from my old
> SuSE 7.0 rescue disk on the unmounted filesystem.  This
> produced the "bad superblock / not a valid ext2 filsystem" 
> warning.  I rebooted successfully into LFS and then I shut
> down "-r -F" to force a check.  The fsck ran and at about
> 95% complete I got a big red "errors have been found which
> cannot be fixed" warning and the system halted "pending
> manual intervention" (fat chance).  I rebooted and the
> system came up just fine.  I hit the reset button.  This
> time I did see the "errors were found and fixed ... "
> message. I shut down again "-r -F".  This time the fsck
> completed without problems. So, I seem to be back to normal.

If your description of the events were accurate, the only thing that
can explain it is hardware error, or user error (i.e. you accidentally
specified the wrong device somewhere along the line).

Without more detalis about specifically what error messages were
displayed by fsck, it's really hard to say much more, unfortunately.

						- Ted

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