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Re: fsck fails (then succeeds)

On Sat, Jun 14, 2003 at 06:12:10PM +0100, Geoff wrote:
> I can see how I could have made an error when running the
> SuSE rescue-disk fsck - but I can't imagine how I could have
> done anything that would sabotage the fsck forced by
> "shutdown -r -F" - and that was the one which really
> scared me. I did my best to report the error messages fsck
> displayed, and I think I have summarised them accurately -
> they were the only ones I saw.  I understand, however, that
> it is very difficult for you to diagnose an error which I
> cannot now reproduce.

What I need is the specific error messages that e2fsck printed before
it said, "errors have been found that cannot be fixed".  E2fsck is
normally very, very verbose when it finds errors.  That detail is
critical for us to figure out what it was unhappy about.

(Unless Linux From Scratch is redirecting the output of e2fsck to
/dev/null, or some such, which I highly doubt, because it would be a
Really Stupid Thing To Do....)

						- Ted

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