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ext3 with quota under heavy load.

Hello list,

I have a problem with an NFS server for my network.  It has ran kernels
2.4.18-ac4 - 2.4.21-ac1, all with problems.  The -ac patches are used
to provide the new style quota support.  The system seems to have
gotten even less stable with the new kernel versions.

This morning around 5 am, I got a page the system was unresponding to
NFS requests.  I ssh'd in, and found the loadavg at ~50.  Below are
some snippets from ps at the time:

root      3414  0.8  0.1  3904 3048 ?        DN   04:02   1:45
/usr/bin/updatedb -f NFS,SMBFS,NCPFS,PROC,DEVPTS -e /tmp,/var/tmp,/us
root      3979  0.0  0.0  2588 1192 ?        DN   04:14   0:00
/usr/bin/rsync -aH --delete /home/puser1 /home/puser2 /home/puser3

The rsync command is backing up across the network to a backup nfs
server.  updatedb starts at 4:02 am, and the rsync had been running
since 3:30 and was half-way completed (estimated by the 'p' in the

Also there were 32 nfsd's just like this:
root  851  0.0  0.0   0    0 ?    DW   Jun19   4:35 [nfsd]

and these, the other 4 kjournald's were in SW.
root   7  0.1  0.0   0    0 ?     DW   Jun19  17:04 [kswapd]
root 144  0.0  0.0   0    0 ?     DW   Jun19   6:53 [kjournald]

I'm wondering what my options are, this has happened ~10 times in the
last 6 months, although the system went a period of ~120 days without a
hiccup.  This last time on 2.4.21-ac1 was only 6 days.
It wouldn't be so bad if a `shutdown -r now` would restart it, but it
hangs while shutting down nfs and during killall and needs hard

Thanks for any insight or solutions.


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