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Re: XFS vs. ext3

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 11:43:30PM -0500, Andrew Klaassen wrote:

> In our last IMAX film project, right at crunch time, we were
> getting a whole bunch of dropped frames during compositing.  Our
> compositing program would report "invalid file" partway through
> writing, and move on to the next frame.  

I assume you are getting the error on the Windows machine, correct?

If that's true, I don't know you can blame ext3.  For one thing, you
cannot drop a frame or anything due to a particular filesystem unless
there is an error; the filesystem code has failed.  This should show up
as a serious problem or at least a system log entry.

Did you check the Linux side of things, in Samba and system logs?

I guess I'm trying to figure out how you know it is the filesystem.

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