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start_transaction: Readonly filesystem error

On a 2.4.17 (MontaVista 2.1) kernel using ext3, I recently starting seeing the

EXT3-fs error (device ide1(22,1)) in start_transaction: Readonly filesystem
EXT3-fs error (device ide1(22,1)) in ext3_delete_inode: Readonly filesystem

on a file system within 10-20 seconds after remounting it r/o.
Apparemtly a write is being deferred past the remount point and then
runs into problems when it is performed because the file system is now
remounted read-only.  I've done an lsof in that window and seen an open
deleted (special) file so I suspect the bug is in the remount to r/o being
permitted while the open deleted file is still in use, rather than ext3.
It looks like fs_may_remount_ro() tries to catch open deleted files but
is not noticing this case, for some reason.

Does this sound like any known bug to anyone?

Mike Accetta
Laurel Networks, Inc.

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