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Re: writeback on /tmp and laptop?


On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 13:27, Cecchi, Gianluca wrote:

> Is it advisable to have /tmp set up with data=writeback option in general?

It shouldn't matter much.  writeback is a bit faster, and you probably
don't have a huge need for the highest level of data security on /tmp. 
The only extra risk of writeback over ordered is that after a crash, you
might find that recently-created files contain data blocks that had not
been flushed to disk, so you'd find corrupt data in them (potentially
exposing the old contents of somebody else's file to the wrong eyes.)

> Is it again true if we are considering a laptop? 

Possibly --- I tend to use tmpfs for laptops.

> Do I have also to consider writecache of disks in this case or are they totally non related?

They aren't related --- you should never enable writeback caching for
ext3 even in ordered mode.

> How to check/set the state of writecache for disks in general and in particular for laptops and what is the better configuration when we plan to use ext3 as the filesystem?

"man hdparm".  You want -W disabled.


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