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Re: help!: can't resize partition ("rather strange layout")

On Mar 11, 2003  16:43 -0800, Kevin Bowen wrote:
> First off, I'm not sure if my problem is with my filesystem, or with my partition table, so this may or may not be the appropriate list for this question - if not, I'd appreciate being pointed to a more appropriate forum. My problem is that when trying to resize, copy or move my ext3 partition in parted, I get the following error:
> No Implementaion: this ext2 filesystem has a rather strange layout! Parted can't resize this (yet).

Depending on which version of parted you have, you may need to upgrade.
You can also try ext2resize (an old version of which is what the code in
parted is based on), or resize2fs (included in your e2fsprogs).

If you are doing anything other than just resizing (i.e. moving) your
partition, then you need parted, and probably need to ask on the parted
user mailing list bug-parted gnu org I believe.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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