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Updated 2.4 htree patches available for 2.4.21-pre5

There's a new set of ext2/3 patches for 2.4.21-pre5 available at:


and in broken out form at:


New to this patch set include:

* A kludge to help htree work well with Linux's NFS implementation
* Allow the orlov allocator to be disabled via a mount option.
* Improvements to the inode and block allocators by Andrew Morton
* The bugfix for noatime on newly created inodes 
* An open by inode number extension (this was an old patch I developed a
	while ago, updated for the latest 2.4 kernels; nothing changes
	unless a filesystmem is mounted with the iopen or iopen_nopriv
	mount options; see Documentation/filesystems/ext2.txt for more 

Also included in this patchset (over stock 2.4.21rc5) are:

* dxdir/htree support for fast directory lookups 
* honor default mount options stored in the ext2/3 superblock.
* forward compatibility: dynamic resizing
* forward compatibility: larger inode size
* backport of the Orlov allocator from Linux 2.5

						- Ted

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