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Re: Updated 2.4 htree patches available for 2.4.21-pre5

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 07:30:15AM -0500, Peter Bowen wrote:
> Are there any specific tests that you suggest or would like to see run? 
> I'm going to do some benchmarking using ext3+htree, reiserfs, and xfs
> for the cache data store with squid, but would be happy to test other
> things.

I'm actually much more concerned about correctness than performance
right now, but certainly benchmark comparisons would be interesting.

Some people had reported brelse problems using rsync, and there were
some NFS compatibility problems.  One such problem came up when an
initially created directory grows and gets converted from a single
block normal directory to a htree directory while readdir was happening.

I believe these issues have been fixed, but it would be good to get
this confirmed.

						- Ted

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