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Re: So, what about stable quota support in ext3fs?

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 10:43, Dmitry Koteroff wrote:
> Good evening.
>   We  have  some  heavy-loaded  servers  on  ext2, and we want to
>   migrate to ext3fs. But we need full and stable quota support.
>   I have headrd that there are some problems in quota usage under
>   ext3fs.  Is  it  true?  Should  we  decline  the  ext3 usage as
>   impossible  in our servers?
>   We need high-level stability in our server (hosting).

Last week I tried (again) ext3 + quota on a server which has loads of
3-6. I was using 2.4.20 + patches from

I also tried without the patches. AND also tried with kernel
kernel-2.4.18-24.7.x from RedHat.

I tried vfsv0 and vfsold. Imagine any combination on the prior
variables... I did it.

On every test I made, I only got deadlocks.

Juan Pablo Abuyeres <jpabuyer tecnoera com>

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