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Re[2]: So, what about stable quota support in ext3fs?

Äîáðûé âå÷åð.

27.03.2003 20:57. Âû íàïèñàëè:

>>   We  have  some  heavy-loaded  servers  on  ext2, and we want to
>>   migrate to ext3fs. But we need full and stable quota support.
>>   I have headrd that there are some problems in quota usage under
>>   ext3fs.  Is  it  true?  Should  we  decline  the  ext3 usage as
>>   impossible  in our servers?

> I  hear that it's getting stable. I personally prefer using XFS
> on  Linux  filesystems  that  need  quotas,  but I haven't used
> quotas on ext3 in a while.

Hmmm... I hadn't headrd about XFS at all.


XFS developers say that XFS supports user and group quotas. Good!

Does  it  mean  than we can safely use XFS in our servers? Do you
have experience with XFS on high-load servers?

XFS is the open-source project, or I'm wrong?..

Ñ óâàæåíèåì,
  Äìèòðèé Êîòåðîâ (dk dklab ru), «Ëàáîðàòîðèÿ dk» (http://www.dklab.ru).

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