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Re: ext3 and data=journal bug

Mark A Basil <mbasil alabanza com> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Actually no I havn't had much experience with larger journals.  I've basically 
> only been testing for the past few days, and hadn't gotten that far yet.  
> Would you say that for this type of application a journal size of about 200MB 
> would be appropriate for partitions that are heavily written to?  Would this 
> need to be greater than 200 in any case?  Currently we're only using dual 
> 18GB SCSI drives in most machines.

mke2fs and tune2fs will support up to 102,400 blocks (400M normally).

Try it.  Probably 400M will be best..

> One of my other main concerns is quotas.  I hear ext3+quota = deadlocks in 
> alot of cases.  Luckily I havn't seen any as of yet.  I'm hoping that I don't 
> see any at all.  I'm assuming that using the data=journal mode is beneficial 
> to quotas on a server as well.

Yes, quota is still deadlocky apparently.  I thought it was OK actually. 
Maybe it got broken some time in the past 18 months :(

Stephen is working on it.   I assume the deadlocks are pretty obscure.

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