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Re: ext3 and data=journal bug

At 00:18 -0700 Andrew Morton wrote:

>Mark A Basil <mbasil alabanza com> wrote:
>> One of my other main concerns is quotas.  I hear ext3+quota = deadlocks in 
>> alot of cases.  Luckily I havn't seen any as of yet.  I'm hoping that I don't 
>> see any at all.  I'm assuming that using the data=journal mode is beneficial 
>> to quotas on a server as well.

You should chattr +j the {,a}quota.{user,group} files if you're not using 

>Yes, quota is still deadlocky apparently.  I thought it was OK actually. 
>Maybe it got broken some time in the past 18 months :(

I've read it's better with vfsv0 (ie the 32-bit patches), and have 
occasionally experienced quota corruption under vfsold.

>Stephen is working on it.   I assume the deadlocks are pretty obscure.

Our moderately-high-load NFS/SMB server has uptimes of about 3 months 
before deadlocking with no excuse offered.. I guess that's what's biting 

Have been running 2.4.19-pre10-ac2 on it, but will be looking at 2.4.21
when it's out, and would dearly love to be brave enough to try htree and
external journals (but I'm fresh out of Brave Pills just now).

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