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RE: mount: error 22 mounting ext3

I am unable to boot my original RH 9 with the RH 7.2 drive installed. If I
disconnect the  the drive (RH 7.2 w/ ext2), then RH 9 boots up fine.

The RH 7.2 drive used to be the boot drive for another system. Now I just
want to use it as additional storage in my RH 9 system. Hope this clarifies
my system problems.

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On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 07:20, Andrew Chen wrote:

> I am running RH 9.0 with Grub. I just added an additional "old" drive from
> another system which has Win98 (fat32) and RH 7.2 (ext2) partitions.
> However, now when I boot up, I am getting the following errors:
> ext3: No journal on filesystem ide3(34,7)

It's not clear whether your problem is that you can't boot your original
RH 9 any more, or whether you cannot boot to the old 7.2 partition.  Can
you give a little more detail here?

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