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Re: Duplicating Hard Drive Problem

On May 01, 2003  18:15 -0400, rothr cumsl msl columbia edu wrote:
> When I returned the drive to it's original node, the kernel seemed to boot 
> up well enough at first.  However, it eventually tries to 'Checking root 
> filesystem' and stops, complaining that it cannot locate a filesystem with 
> label = '/'.  It then gives me the option of running a shell in rescue 
> mode before rebooting.
> I believe I have missed a detail in the way the filesystem has to be setup 
> for a partition mounted as /.  I would appreciate any insight into what is 
> causing this problem and how it might be mended.

tune2fs -L "/" <root partition device>

(also look for other LABEL=<foo> entries in /etc/fstab and set appropriately)

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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